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Serving the Greater Houston Area


TopKnotch is the preferred choice for a wide range of services including brush and tree removal, construction site preparation, stump removal, storm damage clean-up and utility easement.

Through professionalism, respect, and hard work we add value to clients property's through efficiency and high standards. We adhere to local regulations and our ethical approach to the environment.


We understand that land clearing professionals have legal and ethical responsibilities when it comes to clearing certain areas. With our advanced mulching equipment, we are able to remove exactly what vegetation needs to be cleared, not simply everything in sight.  If you need advice on land clearing regulations, TopKnotch is ready to help.


Key Benefits of the Service

Properly maintaining your property is key to preserving it. TopKnotch is here to help with that! Dirt and site work is one more service we are proud to offer our clients. To learn more, or obtain a quote, please contact us today.

Increase your home value with a properly maintained property
Scheduled services allow us to help keep your property in shape
Aesthetic garden beauty that improves with age
Our employees attend annual training seminars